2 November 2020
28 October 2020
The challenge:

Print 4 produce a variety of packaging and promotional presenters for Walkers.

Recently they wanted an innovative box for a high-end crisp launch for celebrities, each containing 6 personalised bags of crisps for each of 200 VIPs.

Our response:

We created a bespoke hexagonal box with lid and base. This was prototyped and cad cut using our digital cutter.

The customer asked to have a ribbon attached, so we developed further samples to make sure the ribbon would sit in the required location and added two slots for threading through. When tied in a bow this held the lid and base very securely.

6 named bags of crisps were tipped onto each inner panel (petal) and sat centrally inside the box. Once the lid was removed the carton sprung open like petals unfolding from a flower. This created a stunning theatrical effect!