02: BOOK
28 October 2020
2 November 2020
The challenge:

We are proud to be the only UK print production facility approved to supply McDonalds Europe; they demand extremely high sustainability and supplier standards, with regular audits to check compliance with materials, processes, management systems and staff policies.

The work we produce for McDonalds is very varied and high volume; it often requires inventive finishing, to elevate it from being conventional print and to appeal to the younger McDonalds customers.

Our response

We produce meal boxes, colouring books, sticker sheets, wristbands and create party packs which we collate prior to distribution all over Europe. A number of items are mechanically finished (essential with volume work) to turn the ordinary into engaging print pieces.

Examples include a child’s birthday party invite, produced to simulate a CD in a wallet that popped out and could be pushed back in easily to add a bit of drama to the piece. We have also supplied millions of leaflets with pop-up graphics inside to add interest and impact and have designed a range of game pieces such as paper spinning dice, puzzles and a megaphone.