28 October 2020
2 November 2020
The challenge:

Hemsley Organics is a natural, sustainable and vegan range of skin care products. Their logo is based on the lotus flower and, when launching, they wanted a promotional box to reflect their brand values and create stand-out impact with target buyers.

Thye asked us to design a range of packaging to highlight their business approach and the ethical and environmental positioning of their product range.

Our response:

Our solution was to design a 3-piece box that opened up like a lotus flower, giving a dramatic reveal to the exciting products inside. The filled boxes were secured with a ribbon which added a feeling of quality and a personal touch.

We digitally CAD cut samples and tested the product would be secure in transit. Instead of an unsustainable laminate finish, we applied our in-house Liquid Silk coating, printed on FSC materials with vegan approved inks.To maintain the sustainable theme of Hemsley products we printed on a natural 100% recycled straw textured board.

One element of this job was a 20-page booklet to go inside the box. This was printed on 180gsm Ellie Poo paper; as the name suggests, this paper is milled using up to 50% pulp from recycled elephant droppings. You can’t get much more recycled than that!

The feedback from the client and their buyers was a massive wow!