2 November 2020
2 November 2020
The challenge:

Glastonbury choose to work with Print 4 Ltd each year because they know we will meet their high environmental standards and very tight deadlines. With an ever-changing programme of artists and events, timing is critical.

The cover is printed first, giving more time for the fixture pages to be art worked and approved with our presses on standby to print.

Our response:

The programme is miniature folded, to keep materials to a minimum, and inserted into a supplied Jute Bag. The Jute bags arrived soaked with water and we had to devise a way to ensure the bags were dry prior to the programme being inserted. We created natural air flow through our production area using extractor fans literally like a giant washing line for 230,000 jute bags.

The instructions and logistics of the delivery are demanding; we all know that Glastonbury usually means rain, but we never fail to arrive for our allotted slot!