02: BOOK
28 October 2020
The challenge:

Nespresso were looking to send out a festive themed direct mail gift box to their brand Ambassadors. The mailing box will need to contain a box of limited-edition coffee capsules, recipe cards, brochure and a Christmas card.

The box must be able to hold different sizes of capsules without changing the box and the mailing box will need to be mailed and arrive in perfect condition.

Our response:

Based on the sizes and general information supplied to Print 4, we supplied preliminary scamps. Once the scamps were approved, we supplied ballpark costings subject to sampling and client feedback.

Once we were supplied the product, we could then begin the process of prototyping and ensuring form followed function whilst also adhering to the clients’ requests.

The carton had to be suitable for purpose and have a theatrical element upon receipt and opening – over the next couple of weeks the brief was revised based on our recommendations and transit testing commenced. Once transit testing was concluded full production and fulfilment took place.